Family Fun at home

Did the pandemic hurt family time?

If you’re a parent, you know how tough this last year had been for families. You’ve all been stuck inside your home with fear and the unknown outside your door.

It’s incredibly important to implement some FUN and new ways to spend time with your family now more than ever.

So we have some great ideas for you!

Family time should become more important as our children grow, and presenting that time to them today will give them the expectation for tomorrow

Here at Original Stationery, we believe that each family has the opportunity to have fun together and watch your children learn, laugh, and love each time you set apart. .

Idea One – Scavenger Hunt

Kids absolutely love adventure, and they love showing their parents how smart they are. The best way to encourage your children in their creativity and adventurous minds are putting them to practice!

Creating a Scavenger Hunt for the family encourages this kind of adventure, bringing a whole new atmosphere to the home.

Step 1: Create at least 10 different clues for the children to have.

Step 2: Invite the kids to be the leader of the pack (pretending you have no idea what you are doing gives them so much joy to lead)

Step 3: Go outside the house! Whether it be you hide another clue in the neighbors mailbox, or have them direct you to their favorite park- it’s always a thrill to be on an adventure together.

Step 4: At the end of the scavenger hunt, give them a reward by going out to get their favorite dessert or buy a new toy at a store! Only if they find it all by theirselves.

Idea TwoFamily Restaurant

We all get a little bit hangry around our family, right?

Sometimes they just always want to get a happy meal- but you would rather eat at home.

Imagine giving your children the freedom to create their own family restaurant for the night. Tell them that they have to come up with a menu for dinner, drinks and dessert and you will order at their restaurant. Of course you can offer your assistance if need be, but by giving your child the responsibility of making the food will make them feel super confident! Siblings

can enjoy making dinner for their parents and becoming so proud Of their hard work!

Not to mention, takes the pressure of cooking off of your hands for the night!

Idea Three – Freedom Time

Sometimes kids just need to know their opinion matters, right? They spend so much energy trying to prove to either us or their friends that they can and should be valued. In this next activity, think about asking your children what they want to do! Make sure they write down one activity and then

 you can pick from the hat which activity you can do! If one child’s doesn’t get picked, they should be reminded that you can always choose that the next time you have family time!

We hope you have lots of fun with these ideas and repeat them again and again!


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