Hair Coloring Time!

Each child has a sort of thrill they dream of living. Whether it’s dreaming of jumping across lava or being a spy, they all want to have fun. As Parents, we can quickly turn down some of their lesser crazy ideas they have-resulting in some tantrums and back talk and kids thinking that parents are just not fun!

So it’s YOUR turn to be creative and invite your family to have a hair coloring party! Using our Hair Chalk, we have created a fun and safe way to color hair without the mess! Set up a cute little salon, and ask your young dreamer to color your hair however they want using the Hair Chalk! When they see their parents having fun with them, it invokes confirmation that families can always have fun and be crazy together!

Try rainbow colors throughout the hair or half the hair one color and the other half a metallic color! There’s 5 vibrant colors and 5 metallic colors to choose from and they last for 80 applications per pen.

They also make great face paints too – get your kids to decorate your face with flowers and love hearts.  But remember – it’s really easy to wash off just before you go to the store!

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