Why ‘make your own’ creativity is making a come-back with kids

Have you noticed recently how kids have cottoned on to the fact that ‘making your own’ fun can actually be more enjoyable than screentime? Whaaaat?! Yes it’s true – with the popular  ‘slime’ craze – kids have suddenly found creativeness can be cool and it’s O.K. to put the tablet down.


Slime DIY is still one of the most popular sensory playtime activities for kids of all ages, with people branding it the a ‘wellness obsession’ – or the perfect ‘stress outlet’.

With more than 3 million Instagram posts tagged #slime and seemingly endless number of You Tube tutorials – the ongoing craze of ‘make your own’ could be taking over from gaming! O.K, maybe not quite yet– but we are seeing a real turn around in society with products going ‘back to basics’ – freeing up more time to do the things we all used to love doing before technology came along.

The kids are loving it and the mums and dads are secretly loving it too. They are spending down time with their kids getting messy and finding that creative streak they left behind when they turned on their new iPhone all those years ago!

Imagine the look on your child’s face when you invite them to make a mess in the kitchen and make the best slime they’ve ever made!?

At Original Stationery, one of our most popular products are the awesome DIY slime kits. Sure, you can buy slime at the store but the fun for the kids is to actually make it from scratch and add glitter, beads, glow in the dark powder, or even little stars!

Slime Science at Home

Take a night and buy your kids some FUN slime kits and make them together! Tell yourself the mess is worth it, and your children will remember this time for a while! Choose any kits from Unicorn to glow in the dark slime or gold slime! There’s lots of kits to choose from and easy picture led instruction manuals in each kit. OR you could just encourage your child to mix in their own colors and add in’s of choice and play with the textures and experiment. Slime really is a science lesson!

There’s also a growing trend to create beauty products at home for children and helping them understand how things are created and what ingredients are needed to create the beauty products we use every day.

Make Your Own Lip Balm at Home

Set up an area in your kitchen and lay out all the contents of the Original Stationery Make your Own Lip Balm Lab and read through the instructions with your child. There’s a bit of science involved and a bit of creativity so just let your child make their decision on what flavors, glitter and stickers to use and they will feel proud of what they’ve created.

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