Mini Galaxy Slime Kit

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Our MINI Galaxy Slime Kit is the perfect combination of fun and learning. Slime making has been proven to aid a child’s development and greatly enhance creativity and our Galaxy Slime Kit does just that!

Inside our MINI Galaxy Slime Kit, you’ll find a helpful guide with fun and proven recipes on how to make amazing ‘out of this world’ slimes! Go crazy with inks to make galactic colors, add some Glow In The Dark powder and stars to see your slime glow at night! Add galactic stars to your crazy space colored slime – pop it into the Star case and hang in your bedroom at night! Have fun experimenting with the colors and add in’s and make mini Galaxy Slime combinations!

  • 23 Piece glow in the dark slime kit – create sparkly, colorful Galaxy Slime for girls and boys
  • Make Pink, Purple & Blue Slime with all the supplies you need for ultimate mini slime creations
  • Twist the slime to form awesome glitter galactic slime & create cosmic slime for science activities
  • Our Galaxy Slime making kit features Glow In The Dark Slime Powder to add to your creations!
  • Kids will love to spend hours making slime crafts with this Mini slime kit for girls 10-12 a great gift Idea!


3 reviews for Mini Galaxy Slime Kit

  1. Trinny

    So fun
    This kit was awesome. I bought it for my 4 year old and she is obsessed. It’s easy to use and comes with a lot of cool extras. She loved the glitter and the tiny foam balls that you can add to the slime. Now I know slime is just glue and borax water but this came with special colors for the slime, colored glitter and clay to play with. Even after this kit runs out of glue, it will still have plenty of borax water, glitter and dye. I see this kit making a lot of slime.

  2. Mel

    Amazing kit!!!
    This was super fun to do. Daughter loves making all sorts of different slimes! Kit comes with everything you need to make all sorts of different kind of slimes. Easy to follow directions and it’s not messy like most other slime kits. Very enjoyable and fun!

  3. Lilly

    A fun kit!
    This was a lovely slime kit that I ordered for my children to play with while bored on summer break. While we have made slime before, it was plain glue and color. What was really nice about this kit was a lot of mixins provided to add to the slime to change the texture, look and even the smell! The box itself looks small, but theres alot in there, and we plan on using the remainder mixins when we make slime with our own glue. It was also fun to make the activator! It was a nice exercise in independence while providing the kids fun.

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