Original Stationery Little Artist Finger Painting Kit, Girls Kids Painting Set with 60+ Arts and Crafts for Kids Age 5 Supplies, Fun Kids Paint Set

  • ALL-INCLUSIVE FINGER PAINTING KIT FOR KIDS – Time for the ultimate finger painting fun with the painting sets for children! Jam-packed with over 60 add-ins, washable paint for children or paints for kids and a 700-page easy-tear art activity book for 4 year old girl, the paint sets for kids or art and craft set for kids 6-12 have everything needed for your little artist!
  • MADE FOR GIRLS – Little artists are in for an exciting, creative ride with the arts and crafts for kids age 6 kit or paint kids arts and crafts set! This childrens paint set with painting for kids paint features all things girls love! The finger print activities book in this kids painting kit lets kids paint mermaids, unicorns, fairies, and more using their fingers. 
  • KEEP LITTLE HANDS BUSY – Engage kids in hours of creative, sensory fun with painting sets for children age 4, craft kits for 6 year old girls, or girls art & craft kit age 5! Inside the paints for children kit, you’ll find stickers, glue, pipe cleaners, colouring pens, envelopes, & more, allowing for endless creative possibilities! Kids can make personalised greeting cards & artworks for display.
  • NURTURE CREATIVITY – Unleash kids’ inner artist with the kids paint sets or kids paints set! With fun figures to colour, the art activity book for 6 year old girl in this fingerpaint kit helps encourage kids’ curiosity and self-expression. Finger painting with activity books for 4 year olds also promotes mindfulness and helps develop kids’ coordination and cognition.
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF IMAGINATION – Surprise crafty kids with their own art & craft kit for 5 year old girls studio with the craft set for 6 year old girl kit! Packed with fun accessories like lolly stickers, goggly eyes, pom poms, and more, the kids art and craft sets for girls, craft sets for 5 year old girls, or children’s paint set or painting set kids lets kids bring their creative ideas to life!  Introducing the Original Stationery Little Artist Finger Painting Kit for girls – a delightful creative experience designed to inspire and unleash your child’s imagination! This all-in-one kit is perfect for budding young artists who love to explore the world of colour with their fingertips.
    Inside the kit, you’ll find a vibrant array of washable finger paints in a palette carefully curated to captivate any little artist’s imagination. 
    The Little Artist Finger Painting Kit encourages sensory exploration, fine motor skills development, and hours of artistic fun. With its mess-free design and high-quality materials, parents can enjoy watching their little ones express themselves freely while keeping cleanup stress-free.
    Ideal for playdates, rainy days, or solo creative time, this kit provides endless opportunities for self-expression and artistic development. Ignite your child’s passion for art with the Original Stationery Little Artist Finger Painting Kit – where creativity knows no bounds 




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