Unicorn Slime Kit Everything in One Box!

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Our unicorn slime kit is the perfect combination of fun and learning. Slime making has been proven to aid a child’s development and greatly enhance creativity.

Inside our Unicorn slime kit, you’ll find a helpful guide with fun and proven recipes on how to make amazing slimes. Go crazy with inks to make unicorn colors, splash some scents for a delicious smell, and add glitter flakes for extra sparkle. Add beads and pearls or go wild with the ooey-gooey foam balls, squishy jelly cubes, and snow powder.

Make over 100 different combinations. Curious about how many variations of squishy slimes can be made? We know one thing for sure, she’ll have a ton of fun finding out!

  • PREPARE TO MAKE YOUR KIDS REALLY HAPPY – It’s unicorn color madness. It’s everything your little girl ever wants in a slime kit. Get ready for big slimes and excitement, this kit makes great slime all in dreamy unicorn colors.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE BOX – Nothing left out, no more running around hardware stores trying to find the right glue. Make loads of slime with different glitters, colors and hundreds of combinations in one box. We’ve tested it ourselves and are confident this is the BIGGEST and BEST set on Amazon.
  • NO MORE SLIME FAILS – Easy to make slime, online videos and clear written instructions, even tips and tricks for getting your slime back on track if it’s not looking right. We took out all the stops because we know there nothing worse than a disappointed child. Look no further, the perfect slime kit is here.
  • MAKE SLIME JUST LIKE THE YOUTUBERS – Quality ingredients to make endless types of slime. Glue, containers, dasio style clay, snow powder, floam beads, pigments, flake glitter, borax, scents (strawberry, candyfloss, bubblegum and vanilla), cutting and mixing tools and more. Makes fluffy slime, cloud slime, rainbow slime, glitter slimes, color slimes.
  • EASILY ENTERTAIN THE KIDS – We all know it can be a pain to entertain the kids and making slime is a perfect activity for that. Let us keep up to date with the trends and coolest slimes right now. We know any girl will love this kit.


3 reviews for Unicorn Slime Kit Everything in One Box!

  1. Hannah

    Awesome Slime Kit! Great Price! Highly Recommended!
    I ordered this product for my 8yo daughter and her best friend for a slumber party, and we were blown away by the quality. We have since purchased all the other slime kits from Original Stationary, they provide exceptional customer service by answering all emailed questions, and the how-to books included in their kits are top-notch. Everything needed comes in the box, and the box is great for storage, we now have a stack in our crafts area. Will definitely order more in the future, as you can see from the attached picture, my daughter is a slime making pro now (gloves and all)!

  2. Simes

    My oldest daughter has been an only child for 8 years, and a week ago she was crowned big sister. I bought this slime kit for her, so we could have an activity to do at home and inside, since going somewhere or playing outside in the summer heat weren’t going to be options with a newborn. We absolutely loved it. It was easy to make a slime or two while the baby napped and provided hours and hours of fun while giving my daughter and I time to spend together doing something she loved. I will say the little styrofoam beads get everywhere but are easily picked up with a sticky lint roller, and my kiddo loved the scents, but I thought they smelled like something died in a cotton candy machine. Either way, she absolutely adored this kit, and I am glad I got it. You can make alot of slimes with the included ingredients, so it felt like I really got my money’s worth

  3. Brittney

    Nice slime kit.
    My four kiddos were very excited to receive this for Christmas this year. My husband’s first response was, “I do not have a good feeling about this!” “Nonsense,” I said, “they will love it, it will be so much fun!” The kit had great instructions, smelled awesome, and had the potential to be so much fun. Unfortunately, my kids (10, 8 and 6) swear they heard me say, “Make slime on the rug in the living room while I run to the grocery store for milk.” I think they had a lot of fun for the 10 minutes I was gone, Dad certainly didn’t hear a peep out of them. . . Unfortunately, the kit was ruined by over enthusiastic and messy kids and thrown in the trash.

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