Galaxy 3D Solar System Air Dry Clay Kit

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  • Make a 3D solar system with our molding clay for kids!
  • The space art kit with kids modeling clay comes complete with 10pcs including craft tools, planet instruction cards and more!
  • The air dry modeling clay for kids is an awesome educational space kit for inquisitive kids to learn about space
  • Learn at home with color mixing, making space characters & learning about planets
  • Space crafts fans will love this modeling clay set and makes a great gift for kids of any age.



5 reviews for Galaxy 3D Solar System Air Dry Clay Kit

  1. KO

    My kids (ages 4 and 8) absolutely loved this set. My 8 year old loved learning about the planets and said she thought space was boring until playing with the kit.
    Oh, and after giving it to them my daughter actually said to me “Mom, you are really good at making your kids happy!”
    Yeah, big mom win there, lol!

  2. Hiubert

    An amazing way to teach your child practically and visually!!
    my daughter loved it and was so happy to play with the air dry. A lot of interest to do it. the cards were very helpful explaining how to make each planet and choice of colors.
    I could explain her how the solar system works , how the earth goes around the sun, distance from the sun.
    a fun way to learn the Solar System.

  3. Brande Dixon

    My daughter loves this well made kit. I love that it’s educational and creative.

  4. Tiffany

    It’s nice!

  5. rainnystarr

    Fun and educational. My daughter loved building the solar system.and learning from the cards.

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